I am very familiar with the computer and have an enthusiastic personality, so I think I will be able to learn and work on anything soon. I was able to study happily about tourism, leisure, and trip that I was interested in. I am not a person who is outstanding, but I have lived with sincerity and hard work and will do so in the future. With respect and gratitude to the superiors, we are ready to work diligently with love and embrace to the underbelly. I always try to maintain an enterprising attitude. In social life that will start from now on, I will challenge positively thinking whatever it is. It is positive and pacifist. During my school days, I was able to spend a lot of time on weekends and vacation periods, and the pleasure of making money and using it for myself has developed into motivation and independence. I have done a lot of work and helped to maintain friendship with people and to make me active and active personality. Responsible, easy to give up or not frustrated. My personality is always cheerful. Always laughing at the opponent and understanding the opponent is always implied. The first impression is that both the mind and body are healthy. While there is leadership and momentum, there is a prudence to consider and prior review before starting work.
한국직업전문학교 / 2018


The future is determined by the attitude of the moment.